Chain of Luxurious Hotels across India
Following increased demand from local business and leisure travelers with Park Plaza Hotels in North India, MDLR envisions to bring more
business hotels across India. The key states of operation of this ambitious project are identified. With the massive investment, MDLR plans to pour millions back into the nation's hospitality and tourism industry.


Evolving with time, MDLR aspire to build strong base in technology vertical. With its new project OXE, MDLR group ventures in digital lifestyle product. Our brand name "OXE" is derived from OXYGEN as technology is becoming as basic necessity as breathing. Initiating the process with mobile phones, our OXE mobiles would greet the market by August 2016. Our ambition plan includes gaining marketshare with our product line of smart Led Screen, Smart watches and Bluetooth speaker, Power banks and many other consumer durables.


Spreading our foothold in broadcasting industry, MDLR plans to soon launch its devotional channel for Haryana in Hindi which caters to the people of all religions. As a sister concern of Haryana News, It will launched by end of Year 2016.